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It all started with a genuine interest in fishing

It all started with a genuine interest in fishing and has today evolved into an own company with fishing guided tours – Sjö & Havsguiderna!

Working as a fishing guide is not just about fishing, but it is primarily an “experience” that we want to deliver to you. Seeing someone catch their first pike is incredibly enjoyable, because it doesn’t always have to be the biggest fish that gives the greatest joy.

Sjö & Havsguiderna offers guided tours for families, friends and companies who either have a staff or customer activity. We guide both larger and smaller groups, “go-fika” coffee with accessories, softdrinks and if you are out a hole day we stop and cook our lunch on a Muurikka over open fire. Today we go on fishing tours with over 500 people every year.

In Stockholm Archipelago and in Mälaren we fish pikeperchpike perch and troutWhether you are a big fisherman, a novice or simply just want to experience a quiet relaxing trip among the islets and skerries, join us for an adventure at sea, in the Stockholm archipelago or on Lake Mälaren.

A memorable experience – guaranteed !

Fishing guide in

Our backyard – Stockholm’s closest wilderness

Do you want to catch the dream fish or just take a nice boat trip together with your family, friends, company or your customers? We at Sjö & Havsguiderna  is your fishing guide in Stockholm archipelago or on lake Mälaren, but also in other waters. The focus of our fishing tours is to offer a delightful experience at sea, both good fishing opportunities as well as tasty food, coffee breaks and lunches cooked over open fire at a Muurikka.

We arrange guided fishing trips where you either prefer to fish alone or together with bigger groups.
We guide for pike, pike-perch, perch and when the water temperature drops below 10 degrees in the archipelago we also fish for sea trout in the Stockholm archipelago. We fish from thaw until the ice settles and every day of the week. Also ice-fishing trips and isangling is offered when the ice is safe.

Depending on the location (Archipelago/Lake Mälaren) and season, we decide the place we pick you up at the time of booking.

 Our modern and fully equipped aluminium boats will take you safely out on the lake for an unforgettable experience. We are a SOF (Swedens Organized Fishinggides) company which means the we are fully insured, possess all required permissions and F-tax. With fishing guides from us you can feel confident.

If you do not want to fish, we can instead take you on a lovely tour in nature, beautiful and serene, the Stockholms archipelago offers over 30 000 islets and skerries where you can often see both the Sea eagle and seals.
If you feel adventurous feeling the wind in your hair and shrieking seagulls in the background, it will be a unique nature experience you will hardly forget!

We hope that you will give us the confidence to offer you an unforgettable experience with us as a fishing guide. We cooperate with many different accomodations, conference facilities and restaurants so if you want us to help you with that, just let us know.


Different types of boats

Corporate Events

A different type of corporate event

Sjö & Havsguiderna can offer an experience beyond the ordinary. Forget all that kickoff and conference are and widen your horizons. We offer a lovely tour in the Stockholm archipelago or on Mälaren with or without fishing.
The whole tour can be customized based on your wishes, from start to finish. When you book a fishing guide, you include:

  • Pickup and drop-off at agreed jetty
  • Certified fishingguides which means that we have all necessary insurances
  • Lifejacket or overall
  • All needed fishinfequipment

Book your next company event with us. Please get in touch at 070-334 13 67 or fill out the contact form found on the right side of the page or at the bottom of mobile phones.

We take you on an unforgettable experience and team building activity in a world unique environment where you have the chance to catch pike, perch or sea trout. Our fishing guide is available all year round, every day of the week. In winter, we offer ice-fishing trips when it is safe. Would you rather enjoy nature and the journey, we can put more focus on it. In the Stockholm archipelago there are good chances to see both Sea Eagles and seals and if you choose a trip in Lake Mälaren we will take you between Mälaren Castle.

A trip on the lake gives a sense of freedom and is perfect for those who want to organize a slightly different and exciting corporate event. You get a unique experience together for a whole day. Forget all that bowling and pentathlon are called and go for an experience beyond the ordinary.


Experiences and team building in a
We value your safety high

Equipment & Safety

We value your safety high and therefore have fully equipped boats. When you fish with us, we will of course provide all the necessary equipment and depending on the season and weather flotation suits and/or life jackets, which are obligatory to use.
Insurance and safety equipment.

We all are certified fishing guides in SOF – Swedens organized fishing guides and we have comprehensive insurances for our boats and you as a passenger.
Good maritime safety with the necessary competence that meets the requirements meaning that you can safely devote yourself to fishing.

  • Certified Ship Master Class VIII
  • Certified High Speed Training “operation of fast Ships”

On board are all safety equipment that will hopefully not be needed, such as; radar, echo sounder, VHF radio, mobile phone, flares & emergency flares, fire extinguishers, aid kits, viewfinder lights and of course nautical charts.

For everyone’s safety, before every guided tour, we leave a preliminary roadmap to a partner on the mainland, which is tasked with alerting the sea rescue in the event that something happens and we do not arrive at home port as planned.


Our sturdy and seaworthy aluminium boats are a Marell 650SC and a Silver Hawk 540CC. The boats are fully equipped with, among other things, electric motors mounted in the bow, for quiet running in the fishing. The boats also is equipped with a Talon anchor, a shallow water anchoring function from Minn Kota.

Fishing gear

We use the latest in fishing equipment and all equipment comes from leading manufacturers in the industry.

Welcome aboard for an adventure at sea with Sjö & Havsguiderna!

I spent an amazing September afternoon fishing for pike and perch with Ulrika and Christian. A few days after my trip I was telling locals how many fish we caught and they were shocked we even got a bite so late in the season. I”m convinced Christian is a fish whisperer based on how many fish we hooked that day. 

Jen Murphy


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Food is important to us

Therefor we always cook it on a Muurikka over open fire on a nice place. If you want to start the day with a good breakfast sandwich before we fishing, we naturally fix this.

Always onboard  – Hot strong coffea with something sweet to it and softdrinks/water.

If you prefer to eat at a set table we´ll help you reservate one at a nice restaurant.

If you have any questions…

Just contact us!

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